Boursin Moments

Seasons come and go, but getting together for a delicious meal is always an enticing idea. And no matter the occasion, Boursin is a guest of honour. On this page, you’ll see how Boursin turns every occasion into a special moment.

Summer 2017

A picnic with Boursin… it’s chic!

Whatever the occasion, big or small, gathering friends around the table for a good meal is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And this is especially true during the summer season. As the days get hotter, there’s a new urgency to get together with friends, to share and talk while enjoying a meal in the warm summer air…

Winter 2016

Let pleasure bloom

It’s so close you can almost taste it. The parks, the colours, the evenings outdoors. Every day, the rising temperature says it all: spring is coming! And with it comes our new flavour to add a delicious touch to your spring celebrations. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Boursin Bouquet of Basil & Chive! Celebrate the return of spring with a cheese that will awaken your senses.

Winter 2016

Give the gift of Boursin

It’s that time of year! A quick glance at your calendar is all it takes to know the holidays are here! Family lunches. Dinners with friends. The next few weeks are bound to be busy. And with every invitation comes the age-old question: “Ok, so what should I bring this year?” You want to thank your hosts with something everyone can share, with a personal touch. Well, we’ve got just the thing. Give the gift that’s a sure crowd-pleaser: a Boursin cheese platter! So many flavours. So many possibilities. Everybody will adore it! And they’ll thank the host for inviting you.

Winter 2016

A Holiday Surprise

This year, make your own holiday traditions! Leave the turkey and ready-made appetizers in the freezer and give your guests the unexpected. Surprise friends and family with Boursin recipe ideas and flavours that are meant to be savoured, and prepare a feast that they’ll never forget. Check out our amazing recipes and get to know our star flavor — Boursin Cranberry & Pepper — which will make you want to indulge your senses before, during and even after the holidays.

Fall 2016

A Spicy Charm

Every autumn, the leaves fall and the temperature dips, but our taste for spicy food gets stronger than ever! The fall colours are also irresistible—both outside and on your plate! It’s the perfect season to warm up your taste buds. Rediscover the pleasures of fiery flavours with our selection of spicy Boursin cheeses. And invite your friends over to celebrate! It may no longer be warm outside, but it will definitely be hot inside. One thing’s for certain: if you’re missing summer, a bit of Boursin will help you appreciate the charms of autumn.